Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Too tired to knit?

I remember back in grad school in Kentucky talking to one of my professors about my quilting.  I brought her some blocks I was working on for the Civil War block of the month quilt, and she mentioned how it must be so nice to sit and relax and quilt.  I told her it definitely was a relaxing endeavor, but was NOT a sitting endeavor.  There's a lot of standing involved in the piecing of a quilt--at the ironing board, at the cutting table, and somewhere for planning and laying out the fabric.  I remember piecing and being quite sweaty.  She was surprised at this and said that she clearly had no idea about piecing a quilt because in her mind it was a sitting activity.

Now, knitting is a sitting activity.  One of the reasons I wanted to learn so badly is so that I could knit in the car on long drives.  I like knitting in the evenings because I want to wind down and not have to get up and down a lot.  Knitting definitely lets me do that, and it's really nice.

But, last night, I found myself too tired to knit.  As I stated that out loud, I kind of laughed.  I mean, really, physically it isn't much work.  And sometimes mentally it's pretty much just mindless knitting.  But...last night, I was actually too tired to think about mindless knitting. I didn't thing I'd be able to do much other than just sit last night, so that's what I did.  I knew that if I knit, it would be messy and I wouldn't be happy with I abstained.

It was nice to relax, but my hands felt itchy, restless, and like that didn't know what to do with themselves.  It's funny how my hands are so used to moving that being still is uncomfortable--even painful.

I read about yarn instead (Clara Parks' book "The Knitters Book of Wool."), and in doing so realize that I want to make every single pattern in the book.  I want to knit my way through the Knitters Book of Wool, using the yarns recommended in the patterns, so I can try out different kinds of wool, different kinds of techniques, and explore new items to make (like pillows and bags).

I also find it funny that even when I'm too tired to actually knit, and even though I have 10 projects started...that I want to start more, try different things, be creative in so many different ways.

I definitely think I'm crazy!

Today's picture is of me knitting at the quilt bee.  I worked pretty hard on this blanket, especially on Saturday, and made some pretty good progress.  I still love the colors, the pattern, etc.  It's not difficult, but isn't straight knitting either so isn't boring.  I also put it on a bigger circular needle, so now it looks like an even bigger hat...a hat for a giant instead of a blanket for a baby!

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