Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back to Work

It's always a shock coming back to work, even if my vacation was during my normal time off.  During the summers we get Fridays off, work longer days Monday-Thursday, so it's tempting to do the 3-day weekend thing.

The 21st Thornton Thimblers Quilt Bee was amazing as usual.  We had such fun talking, playing games, and quilting.  We went out to eat, planned fancy meals, and just enjoyed each others' company.  Every year that I go I'm amazed that we can have a group of women between the ages of 17-73 and we ALL have fun.  Every single one of us.

And I realize every year how blessed I am to be part of such a wonderful family who can laugh and support each other and enjoy being together.  Truly deeply blessed.

I knitted a good bit on the baby blanket during the bee.  I'll show a picture of that later.  Today, I know, you want to know about the quilt.

It was designed by my Aunt Janice (our Queen Bee) for Emma and Elizabeth, the two youngest quilters in our group.  Janice asked last summer what Elizabeth's favorite things are, colors, things, etc., and from that she designed Elizabeth's side of the quilt to be lady bugs.  Big circles of lady bug fabric along with red and white and black and white polka dotted fabric make up the pattern of that side.  This quilt is special because it's reversible.  The other side, Emma's, is sunflower and royal blue fabric stripes alternating in diagonal stripes.  We quilted from the lady bug side because it had the most design elements, but either side could be considered the "top" and the winner would have the "top" declared as the name of the quilt.

On Saturday night we drew and Emma won.

Here is our group picture.  It's always sad to leave and go home, but we know that next year we'll get together, come up with new games (or repeat the old ones), and again enjoy being together.

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