Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quilt Bee!

It's official...the Quilt Bee starts in one day.  I won't be there for 2 days, but it's official anyway.  We're a small group this year.  There are some illnesses in the family, major anniversaries, and young adults with plans.  But we'll have a fabulous time anyway.

I can never wait for the Quilt Bee.  I have to say that this year it snuck up on me.  What with the tornado, moving twice, a serious case of knitting fever, making serious life-changing decisions with the diet, and all the other general goings on around here, it's suddenly here.  And after last year's performance with all the handwoven and cross stitched items, all of my friends keep asking me "what did you make"?

I didn't make anything this year.  Not one thing.

I bought a few things to knit, but I didn't get to them.  One will take a long time and who knows when it'll be given away at the bee--our 30th?

I do have a game with some gifties...but nothing big.

In a way I almost feel like the bee is surreal this year.  Like I know it's going to happen, but I don't believe it either.  But, I'll get there and it'll be fabulous fun and we'll all have a terrific time and I'll go home on Sunday feeling the joy of being part of such a wonderful family.

There's only one thing that's slightly concerning me...the diet.  I know I can stick to it.  I've done it through vacation,  turmoil, moving and all that.  But, I haven't had to face the temptations of all the yummy and creatively prepared food that will be available this coming weekend.  I'm going to stick to it.  There's too much momentum going and I'm ready to have the weight off and be thin.  But, I do think this will be the most challenging time to date.


Today's picture is of the other "main" project I have going right now (you'll remember startitis from March?  Well, those are all still on the needles, but not being actively worked on right now).  Anyway, I'm working on a pair of socks out of some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club yarn.  This colorway came with a gorgeous multi-color (rust, purple and green) that I used to do the colorwork hat (which I had to give away because it was too small for my huge noggin).  I picked out a lovely anklet pattern from Sockupied Fall 2012 and started knitting away.  The lace pattern is lovely, the yarn is gorgeous.  I couldn't see it when it was paired up with the mulicolored yarn, but by itself.  This brown is subtly shaded and just so pretty.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm going to start another pair of socks for the trip.  I need something that all I have to do is "knit"--no pattern just knitting--I've already got the Vesper yarn wound into a hank.  It's a recent acquisition, but I can't remember the name of it right's much more muted in color than the last one I fnished, but it's gorgeous and will be a very nice pair of socks.

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