Friday, June 21, 2013

Wool Experiment Project #2

As I cruise along on project #2 in the Great Wool Experiment, I'm astonished at how much fun I'm having.  I can't wait to start #3 (but that's not astonishing, that's just me) and I'm looking around in the book ooh-ing and aah-ing at all the projects to come.  I'll have to take a skip ahead when it comes to the sweaters.  I'm NOT making any sweaters for myself until I've reached my goal I'll skip ahead to the scarves and shawls sections once I'm finished with the socks.  That should take up some time--especially looking at my previous track record with scarves!

Project #2 is called Flicka.  It's a hat knit in the Bohus Knitting style.  According to Parkes, Bohus knitting originated in Sweden and is a form of stranded colorwork that uses more than 2 colors per row (unlike Fair Isle) and sometimes incorporates purl stitches to blur the edges and make the colorwork section look more decorative.  Bohus Knitting also traditionally uses yarn with angora in it (this is according to an episode of Knitting Daily).  The angora, or other yarn with a fuzzy texture to it, creates a halo around the stitches which blurs them further. The end result in all of this should be a slightly fuzzy colored pattern.

I can't tell yet how fuzzy the colorwork is for this pattern (you can judge for yourself in the pic below), but I CAN tell you that I'm intrigued.  I'm challenged and I'm having loads of fun.  I worked on this for over an hour straight last night.  I find colorwork rather addictive...I don't want to put it down because I want to see how it turns out.  I suspect I'll have the remaining 15 rows or so of colorwork finished today.

The yarn? Fresco by Classic Elite is a little bit of heaven (wool, baby alpaca and angora).  If David told me this one was scratchy, I'd know he was allergic to wool.  It's so soft, feels so wonderful while knitting it, and the knitted fabric is drapy and so very pretty.  I truly think the pleasure of this yarn is in the knitting of it...though I'm sure anyone who wears it will tell you it's in the wearing of it!  You, the reader, might think it's in the seeing of it in this picture.  I'd think we were all right.

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