Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yucky Weather

The weather has made me a little blue lately.  It's been really muggy, not hot, but really uncomfortable outside.  My allergies have been awful.  I felt sick yesterday, but it turns out it was in response to the front that came through this morning.

And man, the RAIN this morning.  I left the house and turned around and went back home and sat for an hour. I tried to knit some on the new socks, but Pearl wanted to eat the knitting needles (more likely RIP them out of my hands so she could go hide them).  So, I sat and played with her until the weather cleared up enough to come to work.  The three accidents that I saw on the way here made me glad that I waited.

Now, it's all sunny and clear.

We've been watching Downton Abbey.  Started with the first season (on Netflix) since we wanted to get in at the beginning.  It's amazingly good.

We've also been watching lots of Rick Steves and other travel shows.  This is helping fuel ideas for our trip we're taking in July.  So many things on our list already.  The drawing will be so exciting.  I can hardly wait (for those not in the "know":  we are coming up with a place that we'd go on vacation that day if we had to choose.  These are going onto a list and we are picking a random number on April 1st and that will be our vacation spot.  It's been a very fun way to think about vacation.  And in the meantime we've traveled all over the world in our dreams!)

Today's picture is a close up of a double-weave alpaca blanket I made last year.  The stripes are randomly put in the reed and then woven in plain weave.  It turned out very lovely but I decided that I'll never double weave with alpaca again.  The yarn is very sticky and I had a lot of repair work to do when I took the blanket off of the loom.

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