Monday, January 2, 2012

New Beginnings

There's always something magical about the beginning of the bowl games aside.  The promise of a new beginning, a clean slate, a marker in which to gauge one's progress towards a goal.  It's all very exciting.

Since I've spent my entire life in an academic setting, the new year also promises a new semester, and that's always been the most exciting time of the year for me.

But this year is different somehow.  I'm at the beginning of a year but at the end of a major goal, having graduated with my Ph.D. in December.  Defending was one major hurdle, getting the revisions completed a pain in the rear, but actually walking across the stage was very affirming, and exciting, and also somehow signaled that the end was there.

And now I'm a little bit adrift.  I'm trying to find that "thing" to keep me going and excited about life.  After two very  needed weeks of reflection I have determined:
  • I really enjoy my crafting time
  • I love spending time with my husband and family
  • I love being able to dream and plan on going places
So, my goal this year is to spend my time making all of those things be the center part of my life and ensuring that I have the energy to enjoy them. 

This blog signifies that new beginning.  I am going to highlight the awesome things in my life.  I will create something every day--it may be little bits and pieces, but there will be pictures of progress on projects, reviews of books that I'm in the middle of, travel plans we're making (and most likely changing!), the little joys of everyday living, experiences with my family and friends, and memories of the wonderful life I've lived so far.

I welcome you to my new blog and I hope that I become a little part of what makes your day special.  Please give me feedback on how I'm doing and what you're enjoying along the way!

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