Thursday, January 19, 2012

My First Pair!

And I'm so very proud of them.  It's very exciting to actually be WEARING them today.  How awesome.

Because I'm learning and experimenting, I made the first sock a little big, so I made the second sock the next size down.  It fits great everywhere, but I didn't give it enough length to accommodate that it isn't as "round" so it's a tad short, nothing major, but lessons learned.  LOVE them and I'll be starting my second pair soon.  I need a little bit of a break from teensy tinesy needles for a little while. (maybe a day???)

The experience of making this pair of socks was really quite fun.  I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed making them...I feel a little addicted and wonder how I'm going to manage to make all the socks that I want to make.  Everyone watch may be getting socks as gifts in the near future!  I find it so satisfying to MAKE things that I can wear.  This morning as I got dressed I was all excited to wear MY socks and then I put on MY hat and MY scarf and it was just amazing.  Definitely a proud moment.

I hope you enjoy the pic of my snuggly feet! :)  I know I'm enjoying how snuggly my feet feel today!

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