Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Poor Socks

Last night I had to rip out the sock I was working on.  I'm using this awesome striping yarn and it just didn't look good with the knitting pattern I'd chosen.  WAY too much going on .  So I ripped it to the begnning of the toe and then tried to catch all my stitches.  After I'd dropped the fourth one, I decided that the inch or so I had of the toe could be ripped out too.  Poor sock.  I'll start back on it today, in a much simpler pattern, but still...poor sock.

I got up again this morning and wove for 38 minutes.  I was good and sweaty by the time I was done.  And what a fun way to start my day.  Kitties running in and out of the studio, weaving a project that's going to make people happy, enjoying my quiet time and energy first thing in the morning.  Amazing.

And now I'm at work counting down the hours until I can go home and start my sock all over again...I may throw some cross stitching in there just for fun.

Today's picture celebrates the kitties in my studio.  There is no better place to nap than a basket full of wool.

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