Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stressful day...

Yesterday at work was a stressful day.  I'm trying not to talk about work on the blog, but it has a relationship to the goals I have for this year--focusing on the things I love (i.e. my crafts, family, friends, travel, not necessarily in that order).  One of the purposes of this blog is to help me focus and keep my head around that, so that my stress level doesn't get out of whack.

One of the ways I am using crafts to manage that stress is that I'm knitting at lunch.  I didn't like the square I was working on so I ripped it out yesterday and started something easy.  I am using sock yarn so it'll take an inordinant number of lunches to get enough squares to make a blanket, but what a great way to use up those little bits and ends of the yarn.

I'm also thinking about the blog and what I want to write about on the way to work.  This helps pass the 45 minutes drive, which is very boring, and ensures that I'm keeping myself honest to my focus.

Another thing I'm doing is making sure that I do some weaving in the evening.  Last night I threaded my secret project.  I love working on it because, as I said yesterday, when I make something for someone I can think about them.  And then surprises are even that much more fun because I get to imagine how she will respond when she gets her surprise.  What an awesome way to spend 30 minutes in the evening.

By the time I sat down to chill, I was relaxed.  I slept great last night and even got up to exercise this morning.  Stress management is a great thing and I'm so happy that I have crafting to get me through it.

Today's photo is of an alpaca scarf I designed last year.  The warp is a lovely natural black and the weft is royal blue.  I chose this funky little broken twill and what an impact it made.  It's very very soft.

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