Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Weekend

I don't usually like coming back from a long weekend.  I have successfully gotten myself into my happy place only to have to come to work and enter my unhappy space--getting up early, dealing with stressors, doing work that I find tedious or boring (all of which greeted me at the door this morning, not to mention being 10 minutes late).

Today was really no exception.  I truly thoroughly and completely enjoyed this weekend.  Saturday was all to myself.  I wove, read, knitted, cross stitched and otherwise just enjoyed myself.  I watched some TV. I've recently discovered "CREATE TV."  Who knew there was a channel of quality tv shows totally dedicated to crafting, cooking and travel!  I also discovered that Create TV broadcasts on a 6 hour rotation.  Unfortunately that fascinating travel show is only fascinating the first couple of times.

As I was struggling to wake up this morning on my drive in and thinking about what I wanted to write about today, I thought about this form of relaxing through my crafts.  How I use it as my stress outlet...all the stress goes out and very little stress goes in (sometimes things are difficult, but I look at it as a puzzle and figure it out and then life is good again).   So, imagine my surprise when I read this entry by the Yarn Harlot this morning.  Yes, indeed...relaxing through crafting is the only way to go.  And ironically, another blog I follow, Weaving a Life, had a post in response to the Yarn Harlot's.

I think it's so fascinating to sit and stitch and create things.  I love reading charts and patterns and figuring things out.  The puzzles to solve and the positive energy put into it is always exciting and almost always puts me in a good mood...and if not at least it keeps me busy so that I don't snap someone's head off.  I definitely love spending my long weekends with something I love.  I can't imagine how awful it would be to sit in front of the tv with nothing to do...I'd go bonkers, as would everyone around me.

Today's photo from the studio is a lovely alpaca "sock yarn" scarf.  The variegated yarn is sock yarn and the black is natural alpaca.  Very soft and lovely.  My friend bought it as a gift for his mother.

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