Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Alright, y'all, I work in a yarn shop...a really really big yarn shop, where we have loads of skeins of just about every kind of high quality yarn out there.  There's stuff I've never seen before and stuff I can't believe people pay money for and stuff that if I had all the money in the world (and space) I'd hoard because it's just so beautiful.

I've filled orders over the past 2 weeks for as little as $2 (and they paid $4 shipping...I honestly don't understand) and as much as $1000.  Most of the orders range right around $100 or less (free shipping kicks in around $80 and I know it was always worth spending $80 to get free shipping when I was shopping...)

I've touched the yarn, fondled it, imagined what someone was going to make with it, liked people's color choices and marveled at others.  I've gotten to know a few customer names well and love the fact that we send yarn out to 50 states and 60 countries.

I love the fact that I'm helping people make beautiful things to use themselves or to give away.  It feels good knowing that.  I like that part of my job...

So, I know you know where this is going.  Working around all that yarn, imagining what everyone is making, seeing all that yarn go to all those places...I HAD to bring some of it home with me.

I was good...really I was.  I was NOT going to acquire any more yarn for a while, and for at least until I got the studio set up...or minimally organized.  But I couldn't help myself.  I met Vice, and her name was Plain Jane and she said, "you WILL buy me and take me home and make a shawl out of me because you don't have a choice."

And I did.

And of course I brought her a play mate called Optic (by Madelinetosh...such lovely yarns and colors and oh everything about Madelinetosh is just lovely).

Here they are in my kitchen sitting side by side...

And here Plain Jane is outside showing off the absolutely gorgeous colors


Update on apartment:  The furniture will come on Saturday.  They promise.  If not, I may absolutely lose my mind...I was close yesterday as it was.  Kitties are doing great.  They love the birds that perch in the tree outside and Pearl can not stop playing fetch.  At present there are 10 balls in various places around the apartment...she's too adorable.  Me?  I'm doing ok.  I have some good days and some not good days.  Yesterday I got angry...not just at the apartment people but at him...and it felt good...I've never felt good about feeling angry before but I felt good...and it was healing in some way that I've never experienced before and that was good too.

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  1. You are so honest. . Good for you Leslie, its okay to get angry.
    LOVE your skein picks…!