Friday, September 5, 2014

Shocking Realizations

I had a shocking realization today about midway through the "operations meetings" at work.  I have never, in my life, enjoyed a job...until now.  And I thoroughly enjoy my job.  I'm excited about the opportunities I see there...and while I'm "just pulling orders" right now, I'm fine with that.  I'm enjoying the sense of accomplishment when I find a skein of yarn that has somehow jumped boxes...and that I know where to look.  That when I go into the retail portion I get to see what people are working on and help some out if necessary.

IT'S SO COOL!  I love being part of this group of people who work with such enthusiasm and passion.  Who actually stay on task, are pleasant, and are extremely helpful to us New Beans.

It is beyond amazing to be excited about working, not caring about when I get to go home, and just simply being in the moment.

I'm very very lucky indeed.


Because Pearl always gets the limelight for being so darn cute, I'm going to switch things up a little and show you Zora in a box.  Cat in a box...can't get much cuter than that! (especially when she's a calico!)

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  1. some people cannot say they like anything about their work.
    Im so happy for you