Friday, September 26, 2014

I saw a beautiful sunset yesterday after putting the loom together and working for 8 hours and just in general being a really tired and grumpy self, I went out for ice cream.  Actually I was going to do the frozen yogurt thing and went to the place near the Safeway where I like to shop...big fail off to Safeway to grab a few yummy pints (and some coffee because man did I buy some nasty coffee).

And I walked out of the store looking to the west and oh-man the most beautiful sunset.  Clouds over the mountains, bright yellow rays of sun beaming through.  And I got to drive all the way home looking at that. I'm so glad I didn't wreck into anyone because it was incredibly distracting.

And moving.

I cried, y'all.  I've never cried because of the beauty of a sunset before, but I did yesterday.  (Hell, I'm crying now thinking about it).

My heart felt full.  I felt beauty and it felt so good.  I was happy and I knew it.  I wanted to sing and shout and talk to everyone I know and tell them how amazing it is to live in Reno and be able to see a sunset like that all because I decided to give into my craving for ice cream.

I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to experience such a wonderful thing and for opening up a world of opportunities here for me.

I have no idea where my life is going and right now I'm totally ok with that. I love where I am and the lofty ideals and goals have no place for me. I'm going to have fun, meet people, get to know myself, and just enjoy the riches and bountiful beauty that's all around me.

I'm truly blessed.


As you may recall, one of my favorite things about living in Texas, and one of the things that I missed the most all those years I lived in Kentucky and then Mississippi was the bluebonnets.  Now that I'm living in Nevada, I'm not likely to see them again for a while, so Mom bought me some metal ones and aren't they just the thing for my patio.

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