Thursday, September 11, 2014


I've decided to go hitch hiking...and isn't she lovely?

Pattern: Hitchhiker
yarn: Vice Paradigm in color way Plain Jane

I'm using the karbonz needles by Knitters Pride and I love them.  The yarn, too, is amazing. It's like knitting with velvet.  This little treat I've given myself is a true treat indeed.


Apartment update:  I hung pictures in the living room, and the maintenance people came to clean out my dryer vent.  I'm hoping that means it'll work a little better.  Overall I'm enjoying living in this apartment.  It's very quiet, clean and well maintained.  I miss my nice new appliances, but the ones I have seem to be working fine...and to be honest, I don't cook enough to merit a fancy stove...and I'm convinced that Saturday when my bed gets here I will be AOK!


  1. Love your needles review.
    LOVE your hitchhiker. COnsider you drove across the world to get to the new job!
    Happy Furniture delivery this weekend

  2. Love LOVE the vibrancy in that yarn. I really enjoyed knitting the hitchhiker and with that yarn, it's going to be a fantastic accent piece.

    I liked your needles review too. I recently used some karbonz dpn and I was surprised how much I liked them. A little long, but they weren't as stiff as I was expecting. I will try them again to see if the feeling holds.