Monday, September 22, 2014

One month ago

So, yesterday it was one month since I left Mississippi to embark upon my great adventure of yarn, love, and taking care of myself.

And it's been such an amazing month.  I've done so many things I didn't know I could do:

  • walk 10000+ steps on a regular basis at work
  • drove 4 days straight in a car with two cats, all by myself
  • lugged huge boxes up a flight of stairs, again all by myself
  • built many bookshelves, all by myself
  • slept on the floor for 3 weeks
I've also cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, gotten gas in my car, and explored my neighborhood.  I've found the Post Office and know where the parks are.  I know where the major shopping areas are as well, though I haven't gone to them to shop because I'm trying not to spend too much money.

I've started getting comfortable in my apartment, am hanging pictures and feel that a routine is settling in somewhat.

I'm loving my job and "mostly" avoiding spending my entire paycheck on yarn.

And the kitties...the kitties are loving life in Reno just fine.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing month Leslie! I'm glad you and the kitties are lovin' life. I'm glad you're finding your way around and enjoying yourself without spending too much. That in itself deserves a cheer.