Monday, September 15, 2014

A bed

You don't realize what a wonderful thing a comfortable bed is until you've gone without one for a while, say three weeks (honestly I think 2 was plenty to gain appropriate appreciation for the comforts and necessities of a good night's sleep, BUT 3 really drove home the lesson).

And on Saturday, at the time planned, the furniture delivery people showed up, built everything for me, and then left so that I could enjoy my new furniture.  I got a bed frame and mattress, pictured below, a dresser and a dining room table.  The table has a leaf in it that takes it from 36" square to 36x60.  I'm keeping it to the 36" square unless I have a passel of company or move to a bigger place. It's a gorgeous table and will serve as both my desk and my eating surface for the time being.  I bought 2 folding chairs because chairs are very expensive and I'm definitely going to have to save up for those and they are far from priority.

The dresser is wonderful too.  Nice deep drawers with lots of space in them.  I've just this morning cleaned out the floor of the closet and gotten everything in the dresser that I need to...and it's a wonderful thing.

The bed, though.  The bed has made me happy beyond belief.  The mattress is wonderfully comfortable and the bed frame is a platform with baskets all around.  There are 6.  I put my purses in one basket and have my bed quilts in 2 others.  I just put out of season pjs in a 4th...leaving 2 more baskets for sheets and other quilts/blankets.  It will work out perfectly.

I love my bed and today I'm sharing her picture with you because she has made me a well-rested and very happy woman.

(I know you're wondering, and the quilt was made by me back in the day when I quilted.  The pattern is Women's Voices, by Fabric Expressions.  The pillow was made by my Aunt Betty, also years ago and features a Texas flag on the back so that I never forget where I'm from.)


  1. Hooray!! Restful sleep, peaceful nights, happy dreams

  2. Yay for a good bed! You're going to be twice as energized now!

    Amazing job on the quilt, even if it was back in the day, super impressed.

    Love the fact your bed has built in storage, swoon!