Thursday, September 18, 2014

Smoke, Part 2

The smoke continues to be really bad.  My reactions to it today weren't so bad as they were this weekend, but I do have to say I do not want to be outside.  This is what it looked like when I left work today:

If you need a comparison, go to my other blog post where I was bragging about the awesome mountain scenery I would see everyday when I leave work.


I knitted away on that shop sample hat last night but I got was a hard day at work yesterday.  Today wasn't so bad and I did get to get on the phones and "eavesdrop" as Jeanne talked with customers.  I will do this for a week or so until I'm comfortable with all the things I'll need to do and then I'll start taking the calls and have someone eavesdrop while I interact with the customers.

JBW continues to be such an awesome place to work, and everytime my brain tried to think of the divorce or the changes in my life, I reminded myself that I picked myself up and got here and that this is a great place for me to be and that I am going to be wonderful.

And it worked, y'all.  The negative thoughts went away and I wasn't even aware that they'd gone away.  I love the power that we can have over our attitude and our circumstances.

Life is, indeed, good.

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  1. The smoke will clear!! You have a wonderful attitude