Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What's done is done...

Well, the girls are moved away and happily settling into their new home in Florida.  We had awful, and I mean awful, weather going out, but Friday morning dawned crisp and beautiful and we unpacked the Uhaul in just a couple of hours and got to the point of settling everything else in--buying a bed for Liz, food and general needs supplies for both, unpacking, helping cats adjust.

(A bit of advice for those of you about to move.  When you pack a box and label it...something more specific that "stuff" or "misc" would be helpful in sorting out where boxes initially go...but we prevailed and unpacked a good bit before the end of the day on Friday.)

The amazing:

  • There's a Publix not 5 minutes from their apartment
  • They are about 10 minutes from most of the parks (we were 15 minutes from our hotel room in the resort to their apartment parking lot)
  • They are working in Epcot (Future World attractions yea!)
  • They are hanging things on the walls and settling in in these few days before they start work-proper

They are also only a short drive from Carrabas where we had these in accompaniment to our farewell dinner Saturday night:


On Saturday we went to Animal Kingdom where we got an up-close-and-personal view of a hippo in the water.  Look closely, you'll see him.

We also rode the train up to Rafiki's station where we got to pet some goats.  Elizabeth wouldn't let us take her picture, so it looks like it's just me, David and Alyssa at AK:

And finally, David and I went to the bar at our resort where we drank martinis in honor of our daughters' move and were very proud parents, indeed:


I got almost no crafting done on this trip.  I think I completed two crocheted dish cloths.  I just didn't have the time or inclination to do so (and riding out there in the Uhaul was simply too bumpy to do anything).  On the way home I was just so tired and overwhelmed that I pretty much just sat there until we were home.


Daddy's story:  I remember one Christmas part at church for Daddy's Sunday School class, and I was put in his group along with Kenneth Allen.  We were to draw to find out what day we were in the 12 days of Christmas song...we got "a patridge in a pear tree."  Daddy can't sing...at all as I mentioned earlier...neither could Kenneth.  And I was just a wee kid, old enough to be embarrassed, but not old enough to carry the group.  It was so awful, but whoever was in charge of this activity had no pity or mercy and plugged on through 12 horrible days of Christmas...I think everyone in the room was laughing so hard by the end that no one could sing their part...Poor daddy.  I'm pretty sure he was mortified!


  1. I want to work at EPCOT!!! If you send me your email I'll send you a clip of Pie jumping !

  2. Despite the initial weather, it sounds like settling the girls in, went really smooth. It sounds like they are well situated and you had some fun in between it all. I'm not surprised you didn't have time to knit and was so exhausted! I'm sure we'll see some crafty crafts from you soon enough! All the best!!

  3. Sounds great for them, what a cool place to work. My sister worked there before. Those drinks look so yummy!!