Thursday, May 22, 2014

More and more grannies

Definitely obsessed.  I could hardly wait to get home from dinner with our friends last night to get back to work on my grannies...and then I stayed up until almost 11, which is way past my normal bedtime these days.  And when I woke up at 4 to go to the bathroom, I almost considered going ahead and getting up because I'd have all that extra granny time, but remembered that I have to drive to work AND sit here all day (and they kind of like me awake at work) so I went back to sleep and held myself off.

I'm working from Leisure Arts book 99 Granny Squares to Crochet.  If I love a pattern I'll make several until I'm bored and then put a heart next to it so I can come back to it later.  If I like one, I'll put a check by it.  If I didn't like it at all for whatever reason, I'll put an X by it.  I'm on square 7 today :)


This morning when I went in to make sure all cats were out of my bedroom, I found this.

 I think sweet Pearl wants to make sure I don't leave her again.


Daddy's Story:  Despite the fact that Daddy couldn't sing well, he did sing all the time.  I really think he loved listening to music, and the music got in his head because you could say something funny and he would pop out a few lines from a song.  The tone didn't always make sense but the rhythm did.  Two songs I remember him singing were "Trailers for sale or rent/ rooms to let...50 cents" and "Don't nobody love me but my mama" (Original BB lyrics are "mother" not "mama"...but he had that "not my mama" phrase down perfect.  The funny thing is I didn't know that the BB song was actually a song until I heard it traveling out to visit last year when we bought our BB Greatest Hits.  The cut on that album is a live version and the quality isn't great.  As David and I were talking, I heard "but my mother."  And I said, WAIT!  Then rewinded the song and listened to it.  How incredibly funny it was to me that day to realize that Daddy listened to the blues!


  1. Okay, the fact that you went to bed at 11pm and contemplated "grannying" at 4am definitely puts you in the obsessed category. But they are squares of such goodness, I can understand why :) Love the photo of Pearl in the suitcase. Cute!

  2. Our kitties do the same!!!!!