Friday, May 2, 2014

Everything I Should Have Said

I don't know when I've reviewed an album on my blog...I know I haven't done it on this one, trying very hard to be focused on my crafting and all...I may have reviewed one or two on Peek, but that would have been years ago and my memory doesn't seem to be too good these days.

But I'm going to review an album today, throw in some pics of what I crocheted while listening to that album over and over and tell you a quick related story about my daddy.  How's that for a teaser.

Album:  Everything I Should Have Said by Radney Foster.

Amazing.  Simply 100% amazing.  I listened to it the first time through and kept sending David texts "yep, like this song." "love this one."  "oooh, look this one up."  Every single song on the album blew me away.  That happens so very rarely on an of course, I listened to it again--4 times last night, once again this morning while getting ready.  I suspect I'll be listening to it a few times over the weekend as well.  It truly is wonderful.  Go to his web-site and buy everything you don't have by RF...he's a genius song-writer and has such a lovely voice.  His sense of humor and "lived-in" life feels true to me. I relate to his work as an artist (which I fancy myself from time to time), as a spouse, as a parent, as a person trying to see things get better in the world, as someone who questions what human beings are thinking when they do certain someone who has screwed up royally and regretted it...and definitely as someone who has loved deeply and knows that's the most important thing.  Simply the most important thing ever.

My favorite song on the album (well, there are two) is the first one called "Whose Heart you Wreck (Ode to the Muse)"...and man is it awesome.  Lyrics here.  [my muse comes in just as I'm falling asleep at night, btw.  I'm desperate to trap her at some point in the day when it's more convenient, but isn't that the point of the song?]

My other favorite song on the album is "Unh Unh Unh"...what a playful wonderful love song.  Reminds me of  other Radney Foster songs, but with an up-tempo beat that you can't resist.

Unfortunately I don't have the album on my iPod, so won't be able to listen to it at work, but I am listening to all the Radney Foster songs in my playlist...can't wait to get this one on my iPod and memorize all the songs on it.

Love love love!


Crochet:  I'm already designing in my head, tweaking patterns, and rethinking things.  I worked on one last night, pictured below that wasn't coming out right and I knew it but couldn't figure out what was wrong (the pattern, come to find out).

Isn't it a pretty little hexagon--row 3 finished and problem identified and new pattern executed.

 Hexagon finished.  A little "airier" than I want for a bath cloth but we'll try it out and see how it works.
First bath cloth finished.  Everyone says it looks like a candy necklace.

And finally, because I couldn't stop listening to Radney or put my crochet hook down, I started a purple granny square.  I worked on this some more this morning and I have to admit I'm really enjoying it...wondering if the finished result will be close to the same size as the three squares I've done previously...I'm seeing a totally random kind of blanket there...


Daddy's Story:
My daddy was always one to talk to himself.  Not in the "I'm working on something and trying to concentrate" kind of way, but in the general having a conversation with himself. I do this too, so don't find anything strange about it (though I have learned that most people don't talk to themselves and I find this sad for them).  Most of the time I do it in my head (now) but as a child or when I'm alone, I'll talk out loud. I'm sure Daddy was the same way because I don't remembering hearing him talk to himself much when I got older.  However,  once when I asked my daddy who he was talking to he said, "Myself."  Then he paused and replied "It's the best conversation I've ever had!"


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