Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Past Tense

I remember when I got the call that Daddy passed away, I thought "We have to refer to him in past tense now."  I know...weird English major...but that's me.  I think in terms of language, grammar and putting sentences together.

And I remember thinking "I don't know how to do that."

I am finding that it is extremely difficult to do.  It should be just a simple parsing of a verb.  Taking it from its infinitive form--to be--to past tense--was/were/been--...but man...that is so profound.

And I don't like it...at all...not one tiny little bit.


What I'm noticing, and this is really interesting, is that I'm making the mistake and saying things like "Daddy tells this really funny story."  Or, as was the case on Friday last week at my student worker end-of-term party, "Daddy LOVES NutterButter cookies."  I had a whole roomful of pity filled eyes look at me when I made that grammatical error.  And it was really hard to see and kind of choked me up for a minute and I almost couldn't go on with the funny story about my daddy and the NutterButter cookies (I'll tell you below).


So, right now, I don't like past tense and I'm convinced it's why I have 30 works in progress and about 10 more in my head that I want to work on...Crochet continues to be pretty intense.  I subscribed to 3 crochet magazines yesterday, am planning an entire house decorated with crochet items...the possibilities! (future tense...that feels so much better).

Today's picture is of the mutilated yarn on its second warp.  This one is brown cotton and the weaving pattern is called "Cat's Paws."


Daddy's Story:  Daddy loved Nutter Butter cookies when I was growing up.  Mom would go to the grocery store on Saturdays and buy him a package of them and he would open them up as soon as we got home.  They would sit on the counter and he would grab one or two, or a handful, as he walked through the kitchen on his way to various places (on Saturday or Sunday afternoons in the fall that would often be from in front of the TV watching football to the bathroom and back again).  He could plow through an entire package of cookies in the weekend.

Shortly after my father turned 50, he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, so mom quit buying the Nutter Butters and anything else sweet that would tempt him.  And then one day mom was buying peaches from the road-side stand, stepped off the curb and broke both of her ankles at the same time.  My dad was then put in charge of going to the grocery store.  He came home from that first trip so excited because "did you know they started making Nutter Butters again"...there were 2 packages in the bags...one for that day and one for the rest of the week.

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  1. thats too funny. NOT your mom's ankles, but your dad's shopping