Friday, May 23, 2014

Crafting ADHD: Crisis Point?

I think I may have hit a new crisis point in my crafting ADHD...I have zero stick-to-it-tive-ness and I just don't know what to do about it.  And really I don't think I should do anything about it but then there's a niggling little part of my brain that thinks I should.

Should I shut it up?  Or should I just proceed with the way things are going and deal?

Here's the issue:  I'm not finishing anything.  Anything at all.  I'm enjoying myself.  I'm having a crazy amount of fun with my granny squares (I think I made 5 yesterday)...I'm totally enjoying my needlepoint (I even started a new one this week, abandoning the old one because it's so large and bulky and uncomfortable to work on...and I have no idea why I bought it to begin with).  I'm actually starting to think about knitting again (I know it's only been about a month, but it's been a rough month and I was worried that the psychological stress of losing my dad might take knitting away from me like Katrina took quilting away from me).

However, I'm interested in working with my club yarn--one of which came in yesterday and is so pretty and I think it'll be perfect to use to knit one pair of the Cookie A socks from April (you know, the stuff I got before the world came crashing down and I had no focus).  So there's another project that wants to get started...and I'm not sure I have enough needles to start it!

I had the thought yesterday that I just need to knit socks all the time and crochet afghans and maybe that'll take some of the stash down to size...I'm not sure what I'd do with all these socks and afghans.  David said he imagines a cartoon with me sitting underneath a mountain of socks and a Pearl hiding in there.  I can see that too...

And on some level I know that's ok.  I know it's ok to just do what makes me happy and not worry about finishing things.  I'll go on a finishing spree eventually...I always do...but in the meantime I'm starting to feel a tad stressed about it and I need to let that go.

Because really:

  • there are no deadlines
  • I'm doing this for fun and a creative outlet
  • no one is getting hurt
  • I've had an awful lot going on my plate lately and I don't need to do ANYthing that adds to the stress
There I feel better.


This morning while I was drinking my coffee, Zora was sitting at my feet having a bath.  She's a very thorough bather.


Daddy's story:  My daddy was a big player of solitaire.  He would lay in the floor each night watching tv and play game after game of solitaire.  I think shuffling the cards was almost as much fun for him as playing the game.  When I was little I watched him, learned the rules and started hanging out with him playing solitaire.  We would occasionally play double solitaire, but I'd always lose and that's not fun when you're a kid.  Anyway, one day I was playing solitaire with a friend (I was probably 9 or so) and pulled a card from one of the upside down stacks to help me along and she said, "what are you doing? that's cheating."  I said, "that's how my daddy plays and he never cheats."  Later I told my mom about it and she just laughed and laughed.

Yeah...Daddy cheated.  Big time.  He never ever lost a game of solitaire in his life, something that I was terrifically impressed with, even after I figure out why!

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  1. No, do not feel guilty about your crafting ways. I don't think you have eliminated or associating knitting solely with tough times. Follow your heart. You're still crafty, creating things. You'll still whip out socks very fast. You're not on a deadline. All your reasons. You don't have a chronic problem with finishing ... you're OK Leslie!

    Ahh, solitaire reminds me of my Grandmother, my father's mother. It was the original phone game/app. I cannot play it except the way she did, either.