Thursday, May 1, 2014

More thoughts on crochet

So, yesterday I spent most of the day toying around with my new skills...crochet skills that is.  I also went shopping and had lunch with a friend, so I did get out a bit too.

My thoughts on crochet:

  • it's way faster than knitting
  • you can make really cool flowers with crochet if you know what you're doing
  • sometimes the end product looks a little funny, so knitting is definitely better (for things like socks for instance)
  • sometimes crochet is better suited to a project than knitting.
Here is my progress to support the points (all but #2...haven't attempted flowers yet):

 This will become a bath cloth.  It's knit in simple single and double crochet along a row.  This skill was actually kind of difficult for me at first.  I kept getting more or fewer stitches per row, but I think I've finally figured it out.

Three granny squares completed in an evening and a half.  This is going to be a totally random kind of granny square blanket.  We shall see what we think of it when we're done.

And finally, a skein of yarn crocheted into a boa-type an hour or so.  SO much easier than knitting...I gave up on it after trying to knit it because it was majorly slow and fussy and frustrating.  Put a crochet hook through those loops and loop back on the chain every now and again and you have a fun little scarf!  I have two more skeins to work on when I feel like it (I will admit that it was still kind of fiddly but SO much better than knitting).


Daddy's Story:

When I was growing up my daddy called me Lester Suskanewski.  I hated it but he did it anyway.

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  1. Your father stories are so sweet.

    I always crochet when Im going to felt a bag. Much much faster and the felting means the stitches don't show anyhow