Monday, May 12, 2014

Major Life Events

I've been going through some pretty serious major life events lately.  Normally, with each one I would be excited (well the good ones, anyway), and dive in and appreciate it all to the fullest...but's been a lot to put together in my mind all at once.

This weekend, Elizabeth graduated college.  Both of my girls are now college graduates and should be working on their master's degrees next semester (Alyssa started hers this semester).  Meanwhile in TWO days we are moving them to Orlando to begin the next awesome phase of their lives.

And it IS exciting, but what am I doing to cope?  Crocheting and Needlepointing until my hands and fingers and back and neck hurt!  It's like I get excited thinking about it and have to take that energy and make something with it.

So far I've crocheted a lot of bath cloths.  I LOVE using these little cloths instead of the store-bought kind.  So much cushionier and softer and better in so many ways.  Plus the bath cloths are an awesome opportunity to see how the yarn likes a certain stitch (or how I like a certain stitch) and whether I think it'll blow up well.  If I think it'll look good on a larger scale I'm making it as part of the bath mats I'm making for the girls' new apartment.  So far, I'm on the border of Elizabeth's first one and have ideas ruminating for Alyssa's first one, which I'll start once the border on Liz's is done...patience I tell my creative self...patience.

Highlights of the weekend:

Elizabeth in her finery with the rest of us hangers on:

Painting with a Twist as a family group:

And while not a highlight of the weekend, it was fun watching Pearl help me pay the bills:


Daddy's Story:  I remember my daddy waking me up every single morning.  Now, I feel sorry for him that he had that duty...I have always been difficult to get moving in the morning and am cranky about it to boot.  I know that after a while Daddy decided it was safest to just turn on the light in my room and make noise, but that didn't work very well.  In his typical good humored way he would open the door, turn on the lights and start singing to me (he couldn't sing.  At. was miserable).  He would sing, "Get out of that bed and wash your face and hands...toodaloodleloodaloo"  The tooda...was accompanied by turning the light switch on and off and on and off in "time" to the singing.

When I got my first iPhone, I looked for the appropriate sounding alarm to wake myself up to...that sounded similar enough to the tooda...I chose the "Trill" and titled the alarm "get out of that bed."  I wake up laughing about that now (still not easy to get out of bed) but at least I can see the humor in it all...when I was 16 not so much.

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  1. Crafting your way through transition, huh? Taking that energy and sort of focusing where you can. I understand this. Even if you're excited in a good way and you know there are good things sometimes change needs some knitting to help it all through, especially you, with so much you've gone through lately. I'm grateful for your not so cheery morning admission. I think I've come some distance in the morning moodiness, at least since 16 too, but I'd be lying if I said I was chipper naturally with the sunrise.