Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Tonight I have a date to clean out my studio.  David has promised to help since he's going to be gone Thursday through Sunday.

There are boxes piled to the ceiling and a person can barely move around in there, much less try to figure out how to organize things, but organized it must be because I am taking Saturday (at minimum) to be a pajama day which means that I'll be knitting, snuggling with the kitties, and otherwise relaxing.  I'm desperately in need of a late morning sleep-in...I think I'm more desperately in need of throwing some yarn around some knitting needles and making something.

It's been a week now since I've been able to knit or do anything crafty.

I may go crazy if I have to wait any longer.


Today's picture is of my new shoe shelf.  See how nicely everything stacks in there.  It's the perfect size, which means that I'll have to weed out old shoes when I buy new ones. (or I could double stack them...)

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