Thursday, May 16, 2013


Tomorrow David and I leave for our week long trek into the places we used to live and relax.

Actually I've been looking forward to this vacation quite a lot.  I've been in a huge need of some time away from work, some time to relax, refresh and really enjoy being who I am and being with the man I'm with.  It'll be wonderful in all kinds of ways.  I hope the weather holds and we get to enjoy seeing the beauty of the landscape as we drive north...rather than dealing with a lot of rain.  I do hate traveling in the rain.

Oh well, not much to do about it.

One thing that's making me laugh a bit about this trip is that I'm not being my typical self.  I haven't figured out what I'm going to bring for my knitting.  I haven't even thought about it much. I know I'll pack more projects than I can possibly manage to finish, but that's not the point of travel knitting.  The point of travel knitting is to keep me from going bonkers in the car until we get there and to relax me before bedtime.  Either way, I think it's interesting that I've not been obsessing like usual about all the projects I need to take.

I do know that at the end of this vacation I'll have a new pair of cabled socks, (hopefully) some good progress on my first skinny sweater, and be finished with the cursed scarf that I hate knitting but love touching and looking at.  The latter is probably a pipe dream seeing that I typically don't have more than 20 minutes of patience with that project, but I'm hoping that riding along in the sunny car watching the hills roll past will inspire me to knit away and not pay attention to the fact that I hate it...

Hopefully when I return I'll have a lovely report of the sheep and fiber festival.  I'm looking forward to my friend's wedding, and Amish country never disappoints.  I'm slightly concerned about what we'll eat while we're there, but I think we'll figure it out.  All my food memories of Amish Country have involved heavy carb-loaded meals...should be interesting.


Today's picture is of my most recent pair of socks.  They are made from a sock flat.  A sock flat is a knitted up panel of sock yarn that is then hand painted.  You knit from the flat and create some interesting effects in the knitting.  I do love these socks even though I made the second one noticeably smaller than the first.  I learned that I will need to count my rows next time rather than simply laying next to each other and measuring.  Silly me.  Even so, they fit ok and I love them.  No one has to know, right?

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