Monday, April 29, 2013

What a difference a week makes

#1:  Well, this time last week, I was still living at the apartment. I had most of my belongings packed, but not all.

Today I'm living back at my house (yea!) and I have some of my belongings unpacked but not most.


#2:  Looking at pictures of myself and David from last week to this...all I can say is wow.  Usually I don't see the changes in myself...but between this week and last I truly do.  Pic of us is below.  I apologize for my messy's just that after unpacking and cleaning all week, I don't think I even thought about what my hair looked like.


#3:  Last week I was doing a lot of knitting...last night I was itching to do some knitting.  I have no idea which bag or box my patterns and yarn are in, so I haven't been able to knit a thing. I think that once I find my current works in progress, I'll end up stopping unpacking at that very moment and getting to my knitting. I dearly miss it.


#4:  Last week I was a staunch fan of the coffee I made in my little bitty coffee pot, this week I'm in love with T-Bones' coffee.  I may never brew another pot of coffee ever!

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