Thursday, May 2, 2013

45 minutes

Depending on what you're doing, 45 minutes can seem like forever or a really short period of time.

45 minutes is what I had to work on my studio last night. We ended up getting home much later than planned because we went to weigh in--down .4 pounds, David another 4.4--and then shopping--down at least 2 sizes in pants--and the dinner--fajitas--so by the time we fell into the house, there wasn't much time to get into the studio and make much progress...only 45 minutes.

But I figured it was better than nothing, so I determined that we were going to get in there and see what we could accomplish in 45 minutes.  I set the timer so we'd know when to stop and start getting ready for bed...and then we started plugging away at boxes.

We made really good progress even though it seems like we started and then 5 minutes later the alarm went really was 45, though, and the rest that's left I can manage on my own tonight and this weekend.  I'm enjoying putting things in my new shelving units, and planning all my scrap projects (by weight of yarn)...and just in general being in my well-lit, roomy, beautiful studio.

I love the floors.

I love the windows.

I love the wall color.

I love my private little bathroom.

I love my yarn.

I love my loom.

I love having it all open.  I really did want to kiss everything and work myself to exhaustion...but I forced myself to stop after 45 minutes and go to bed, which I needed more than I needed my yarn fix.

Tonight I will knit!

The picture is of the studio last night right after we stopped working.  That whole back area was piled with boxes up to the tops of the windows.

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