Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Monster in Progress

I'm making another monster.  This one is bigger than the others because she's made from worsted weight yarn rather than sock weight yarn.  Thicker yarn=bigger monster.

And she's adorable.

I'm making her for the little girl that mom babysits.  She will be a "princess" monster, and as you can see she sports pink and purple as her main colors, but like Fiona in Shrek, her green arms and legs are, well, rather green.  (I decided to use the green for the arms and legs as an homage to the "green jeans" that my daddy used to wear.)

All she needs is some ears, a mouth and a belly button.

I have so much fun making these monsters.  They really come to life for me as I work on them.  Frankie, as this one is called, is really sweet and wants people to love her.  I hope that you do.

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