Monday, May 6, 2013

I even amazed myself!

This weekend was dedicated to yarn.  To unpacking, organizing, making sure it was secure in its new home and otherwise taking care of my stash.

As I went through every skein of yarn and decided which basket, cubby or yarn tree to put it on, it told me whether it was getting anxious to be something or whether it was content to ride things out for a little longer.  I'll have to tell you that a LOT of my yarn is anxious to be something.  I may have to hire people to help me knit or weave it all...I don't know how I can meet up with the demands.  It's starting to make ME feel a tad anxious.

The only thing left in my studio is to put together my loom.  But, David was working until 2pm yesterday and we had a party at 3pm (outside, in May, wearing jackets...unfathomable), then the girls came over for dinner at 5, so there was no time to get the loom opened up.  I'm very ready to start Art Box #2 and just waiting for the ability to get that loom ready...I may even go wind some warp this evening.

Despite all the unpacking I was able to knit a good bit...quite a bit in fact.  On Thursday night I finished a pair of socks.  Then this weekend, I managed to finish a hat that I'd started last year that I've been hating...I mentioned it earlier this year, mom's mother's day gift AND got caught up on my block-a-day sock-yarn blanket.  Plus, I made pretty good progress on the little monster I'm going to finish up before heading to TX in 10 days.

And you know what...despite all this progress...I don't feel like I worked even a little bit this weekend.  How absolutely wonderful!

Today's picture is of the polaris hat, finished.  I'll work on the scarf again after the monster is finished.  I like getting some of these things DONE!

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