Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thoughts on Boredom

I abhor being bored.  Absolutely hate it.  I hate it with all the passion I can muster.  Being bored in one aspect of my life feeds over into so many more...I get cranky, have a hard time settling down to the things that I normally like to do.  I think I'm probably very hard to live with.

And I am beyond being bored at work.  There is NOTHING to do.  All the students are diligently working on their own, behaving and otherwise engaged.  We're pretty much waiting until finals to get all the data we need to write all the reports we have to write.

And to be honest, it's about to drive me mad!  I have played games until I'm tired of playing games.  I would pull out my knitting but that won't do either.  People will look askance at me if I do something so out of line with acceptable work behavior.  I can't start anything or plan anything because that's not I sit and while away the hours in the day and hope that my mood isn't to terribly sour by the time I get home.

Ah, I really do hate boredom.

So, to share some good news.  The construction crew is finally winding down work on the house.  We should be back in (easily) the first week of May as planned.  We'd hoped for earlier, but that just isn't going to work.  David and I are going tonight to pick out a new light fixture for our foyer and to get a vent hood for the stove.  I'm definitely ready to get back to the house.  The apartment living adventure has been good, and I know it's something we could do with smaller furniture and better planning, but I dreadfully miss our high end appliances and the garage.

And the diet is still going very well.  We go weigh-in today, and I expect to get close to 20 pounds.  I'm wearing pants 2 sizes smaller than my previous ones and tops one size smaller.  Very exciting on both counts!  David must go shopping this week because his pants are not looking right on him...and he's happy about that.

Today's picture is of one of the sweaters (I still have on the needles!) that will be my "skinny sweater."  I love the colors and am very much looking forward to finishing it!  The yarn is simply divine!
I may put some extra effort into it this weekend.

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