Friday, April 26, 2013

We're Back!

We moved back to the house yesterday.  There are boxes everywhere and the amount of dust is unbelievable, but it's my house and it's beautiful and I'm so very happy to be there.

The kitties were too.  Pearl jumped into all of her favorite windows and howled for us to come see her.  Then went to another window and repeated.  She was so cute.  The rolled around in the dirt, climbed all the boxes and looked confusedly at where the new closets are and wondered why their running path was cut off.  But they were very happy to be home, too.

Last night's priority was to get the bathrooms usable (thank you very much Alyssa), find clothes to wear to work today (accomplished without too much trouble), get my bed set up (thank you David), find our sheets and pillows (this proved a tad more difficult) and then get our final protein meal replacement located, made and consumed (this proved most difficult of all as I think the shakers were in the very last box we opened in the kitchen).

Today's picture isn't of knitting as I can't find anything knitted to take pictures of.  I also haven't had any time to knit since Tuesday, so am a few days behind on my sock yarn blanket (will hopefully make up for that on Saturday or Sunday).  Today's picture is of the new light we got for our foyer.  It's gorgeous.  The colors are vibrant and pretty and I love the heart shaped scroll work.  It goes perfectly with the red walls.  A very lovely new addition to the house.

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