Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Weekend Appearance

Excited today.  We are packing up to finally move back to the house.  The contractor is supposed to be working all weekend to get us ready to move in on Thursday.

So, last night and this morning I've been combing through my closet to purge all the too big clothes.  I'm excited to report that I did manage to shrink my pants enough to get a few more weeks out of them.  At this point I've lost 20 pounds and David 31.  We are both so thrilled and feel so amazing, I can't even begin to tell you how happy we are to have finally found a diet that works and that we know will end up with us being fit and trim by this time next year.  We even gave away all of our winter coats.  We figure by the time it gets cold enough to wear them, we'll have lost most of our weight and everything we have will be way too big

In the midst of all of this, though, David has had to go shopping for new pants and shoes.  His old shoes have gotten too big, which is an unexpected outcome of the diet.

Knitting and weaving will have to take a short hiatus this weekend.  I'm going to work on a couple of projects in between packing, but I won't be just sitting and knitting like I usually do on the weekends.  That's ok.  The end result will be that we'll be back in our house and happy to be there.  Thrilled actually.  Then I can knit and weave myself crazy.

Today's picture is of a fun little project I'm working on.  I bought some yarn at Halloween from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It's a neon package that has pink, green, turquoise and orange.  I've decided for this to be a hat and possibly socks, mittens or a cowl...haven't decided what to make next.  The choice of colors is based on a deck of cards.  I have assigned each color to a suit and then I draw the card out of the deck and knit that many rows in the color indicated.  It's been fun and mindless knitting...and wow, is it bright!

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