Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ripping out...

I find it interesting how little qualms I have about ripping out knitting and starting over.  I plunge head-on into a project and work on it a while and then will decide either it's not working, I don't like the stitch, or the yarn isn't appropriate for the project, and out it'll come.  Just like that.  And I don't look back or feel bad.  When it's not right, it's not right, and it certainly isn't a good use of my time to work on something that isn't right.

And an inappropriate waste of good yarn.

I did that last night with one of my getting skinny sweaters.  The yarn is really too thick and heavy for a summer-weight top.  I wasn't entirely sure, either, if I had enough of it to make the entire top and I didn't want to get far along and have to rip out the whole thing...THEN I would be disappointed.

So I ripped out last night to save me the anxiety of working on this project.  I'll have to find some other use for that yarn.  It's lovely, but not quite enough to make a sweater out of...I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with it. Maybe it'll become the main yarn in a blanket...or maybe a cozy shawl (I'm looking in that direction now). Also, in reading about the yarn, it pills, so I'm not sure it'll be a good choice for a sweater that I intend to wear...thoughts and thoughts...but one conclusion...definitely needs to be ripped out.

Instead I worked a bit on mom's mother's day present and did my square for the day for the sock yarn blanket.  The sock yarn blanket is turning out really nicely.  I should have the 2nd row completed by next week.  And as I progress on it, I'll be adding new yarns, which is always an exciting feature of these wonderful "scrap yarn" projects.  They truly do reflects years of work (though I have only  knitted not quite two years now, I do have a lot of leftovers).

So, for today's picture I'll show you a picture of the sock yarn blanket after I finished the first row...with Pearl thrown in for a pretty model.

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