Monday, February 25, 2013


When you get tired of me talking about the tornado let me know, please.  The further I get away from the immediate fear and stress, the more I realize just how lucky we are.  To be alive, to be whole, and to be as minimally psychologically damaged as we are.

I still cringe when the building comes down next door, and I was a tad nervous with the storms last night.  But I think overall, I'm ok.

What hit me this past week was the fact of choices.  Choices that we made during the storm that resulted in us having much less damage to us than we had.  Because we were sitting there trying to figure out what to have for dinner:  burgers or deli.  We decided on deli, even though I really like the local burger place that's just down the street.  I had, in fact, been thinking of eating one, but we decided to go to the deli because that's more along the lines of preference for the daughters.

And I'm so glad we did as the burger place was in the direct path of the tornado.  The buildings just to the north of it were demolished, and it lost all of the windows.  The church just behind the store is the one that was destroyed.  The simple choice of getting a baked potato rather than a burger meant that David and Alyssa didn't get in the direct path of harm's way, that David's car is still functional and that the two of them didn't have to go through the ordeal of being inside a building with an F4 tornado wreaking havoc.  I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been.

David calls it luck.  Luck, choices, a gamble.  Either way, I'm truly blessed that it turned out as it did.


Today's picture is of the towels that I'm working on--almost finished with to be exact.  They were designed for David and I'm ready to see him using them and enjoying them.  I had just a little bit of turquoise yarn left...enough to get that skinny little stripe, one towel in "plaid" and one towel in solid turquoise weft.  They are going to be gorgeous!

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