Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday...and we're settling in

I'm so sorry to have left you in a lurch last week.  I had a couple of hours of internet on Monday and then everything became hectic and frenzied and I slept when I could and ran around like a crazy person when I couldn't.

The good news is that we've moved to a warm, snug apartment that doesn't have water pouring in the ceiling.  Our house appears to be drying out finally.  The insurance is coming through with payments already.  And we're next on our contractor's list of jobs.  I'm very happy about all of this.

I'm more than happy about the fact that I spent Sunday putting together my Yarn Room.  It's funny how at the house it was my studio but here it's definitely a yarn room.  I don't know why exactly, just is. I've tested the loom and it survived the move just fine.  All is very well indeed.

And thank goodness I'm finally sleeping.  That's really helpful too.

The apartment living will prove interesting for a number of reasons.  David and I have been talking about wanting to sell the house and move to the carefree living of an apartment.  We're in a much smaller space than our house, but it feels just about right (our furniture is too big but that's something that can be remedied if we decide to make this permanent). So, the excitement of "trying this on" is helping with the transition and adjustment (and the fact that we'll just have to move again in 3 months!)

We're meeting with an architect and our contractor this morning to draw up some plans of what we'd like to do with the house if we can do what we want to do with the house.  Might as well since we have an apartment already rented for 3 months.  This will hopefully give us some closet space and make our one large bathroom a little easier to move around in.  We'll see.  The options we'll have in front of us will be good...it's just a question of whether our brains can think clearly enough to make a decision right now!

Today's picture is of the new loom room.  I honestly can't wait to get back to work on those towels.  That darn tornado totally interrupted progress on that project!

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