Friday, February 22, 2013


Well, it's Friday and there's a weekend ahead of us to get settled in to the apartment and to finish up the cleaning out of the house.  I'm very much looking forward to sleeping, getting a sense of closure at the house and hanging pictures on the walls.

This week has been good.  A good adjustment back into reality.  It's been a slow week at work without too much stress and anxiety, so I'm hoping that soon, I'll feel normal again.  I'm getting used to sleeping at the new place, and adjusting to the new sounds and placement of things.  It'll definitely be nice to clear pathways, though. :)

I have to say that I'm battling with a little PTSD.  They are tearing down the building outside of my office and every time things crash, I cringe. It's less awful today but I think that's because they are working on the far side of the building and the noise isn't as loud.  When I hear the crashing noise, though, I remember that that's what I heard during the tornado.  It's quite frightening.  I'll be glad when they're done tearing that building down.  I haven't noticed anything else, but we shall see how I deal with storms this weekend and early next week.  I doubt I'll be the only person panicking at the sound of thunder!

Today's picture is of the "body parts" of the next monster I'm going to start.  It's for my sister-in-law Courtney.  She sent me a detailed description of her monster, and I finally found all the parts (in different boxes, but all there at least) and will start knitting it this weekend.  She is called "Mad Hatter" and has pink tufts of hair, pink tummy, orange fuzzy wings, green freckles, green eyes and an all-over purple body.  I remember that there's a long tail involved, but I don't remember off-hand what color it is.  I think pink.  This will be entirely too much fun!

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