Monday, February 4, 2013

The (not-so) Exciting News

After several days of soul-searching, talking with David, stewing by myself, talking some more with David, not sleeping well, and all the while soul-searching, I decided not to interview for the very exciting job I applied for.  I was beside myself and thrilled to get the much so that I didn't really think about the practicalities of it at the time.

But, I'm a grown woman now and can examine things with perspective if I'm forced to, so upon looking at the fact that I'd be living apart from David and the entire rest of my family (and friends!) and that I'd not be making any more money than I'm making just didn't make logical and rational sense to do the interview, especially since if (on the long shot) they did offer me the job I would have to turn it down.

Well, it was a hard decision, but I know the right one.  I slept better last night than I have in several weeks.  The challenge now will be to get myself focused back on the life that I'm living right now and enjoy it.

And I do enjoy it...most of it.  There are things that I'd like to change and things I'd like to never change, so I need to be positive and look at the possibilities of the here and now and revel in the fact that I'm truly happy in my life.

And, btw, I slept beautifully last night, in case you didn't catch that earlier...good sleep is a marvelous thing.


So, I think I put you through a huge teaser last week with the cowl I finished knitting but never bothered to put up here.  Here I am in it.  When I looked at this picture, I don't know why, but I saw Grandma's eyes.  I was a little shocked because I don't know when I got them (and even IF my eyes even look like hers in this picture).  I think they do, but I also think I'm hoping since I've been missing her a lot lately.  I went in search of pictures, but the only color ones I have she has her eyes closed or the color of her eyes isn't popping quite like mine did in this picture!  Which means I've probably made the whole thing up, but for a minute there, I did see Grandma looking right back at me and it made me very happy indeed!

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