Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The word joyous brings about so many wonderful connotations.  It's happy...but in a HUGE way.  When you're joyous you have to tell people about it, usually in a loud and very upfront kind of way.  You sing from the mountain top, you grin from ear to exude positive energy and good thoughts and general happiness.

Being joyous is amazing and wonderful.  It's so more more awesome than being happy, or "god-forbid" content.  Joyous.

And Joyous was how I felt when I got this month's sock club yarn from Knitterly Things. is indeed joyous.  And can you imagine how joyous my feet will be when they get to wear these socks?  I've finished the first and am cruising along on the second.  Joyous indeed!

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