Friday, March 9, 2012

Making Time for Crafting

Last week I had my crafting group over.  Only one person could show, but it was still a very nice time.  One question she asked was "do you craft everyday?"  And I answered, "Of course, do you?"  And she said she didn't.  She didn't have time with all the other things she has to do and demands of her family, but she wished she had time.

I've been working on handwork projects for as long as I can remember. I worked on them everyday of my life.  I guess I never really thought about how much a part of who I am it really is.

Last night I got home late after having my hair cut.  We had dinner late and then I decided that I was going to sit on the couch with David and not do any crafting at all last night.  How weird it felt.  Not to be DOING something with my hands while watching TV is like that feeling you get when you're leaving the house and you know you've forgotten something but can't figure out what it is you've forgotten.

What I wish is that I had more time.  That I could make a little bit of time here and there to do a little work on a project.  That's why I started the lunch time afghan.  I know it'll take me at least 5 years of lunches to get this thing finished, but it's cool to watch a couple of inches grow on a square each day.  I've picked the perfect project for a lunch-time project, because all I have to do is knit to the end of the row and turn and get back to knitting.  Every now and then I count the rows to see how far along and I am and then keep going or start my decreasing.  It's that simple.  How I can even work on a project when I have multiple other things going on around me. 

Today's picture is another one of my comic cat Pearl.  She loves getting in my yarn bins.  Here she's in a shelf I have that has these nice little cubbies which are, apparently, a perfect fit for her.

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