Monday, March 19, 2012

Diligence pays off, but man is it tiresome!

I've been working diligently on the Misty Garden scarf.  I've probably knit 2 feet the past two days. I'm hating it again.

That means that it's going to go back in the bag and I'm going to start something else.  I don't want to be knitting something that I hate while enjoying an absolutely perfect spring break.  (the part of me that's desperately holding onto the fantasy that I live here and have no responsibilities for the rest of my life is slowing backing up and facing reality.  I hate that too).

Anyway, it's very pretty and quite fun to work on in the afternoon because of all the beautiful sunshine coming in the condo, but I'm bored and this picture will suffice to show that I did work on it a lot.   I'm going to start a cowl of some beautiful alpaca and silk lace weight yarn, knitted double so as not to be too terribly slow at moving along...or at least that's what I think it wants to be.  We'll see.  It may want to be this other lovely shawl I saw today...will have to toy around with that idea for a few minutes.

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