Thursday, March 15, 2012

Knit Bag all Packed Up

I have a weird phobia.  I don't know if it's really a phobia or not, but I have an irrational avoidance of boredom.  "Thaasophobia" is the clinical name for phobia of boredom.  No one wants to admit that their problem is as bad as all that...but when I'm packing and foresee a lot of downtime in my future, I do sort of feel a little panicky...what am I going to do when I don't have anything to do?

So, in resopnse to this phobia (which I'll stick with for the sake of ease of writing) I always overpack books and crafting.  My knitting bag is so full that it won't close.  There is no way that I could possibly knit all that yarn in 6 months...but what if
  • I don't like the project,
  • need something else to do,
  • find the sweater too difficult,
  • finally decide to stick it out and finish that beautiful scarf I started a long time ago,
  • all the books I bring aren't interesting,
  • it rains,
  • it's sunny...
You see how this starts to verge on the irrational.  So, for this beach trip I have packed a cool blanket I started working on a few weeks ago, my purple socks which I have been missing during my most recent cross stitching frenzy, my new sweater, the other cool blanket that I can work on in the car and while visiting with people, a shawl I'm interested in starting, this gorgeous hat I'm dying to make...I think there's one more thing but I don't remember.  I have my tools, pens, index cards (I did just realize I forgot my needle sets, so need to get those when I get home), and patterns.  I'm fully loaded.

I won't be bored unless I forget to put those needles in there and then we'll be driving all over South Alabama looking for a yarn shop to get some needles!

And I can hardly wait until tomorrow at noon when David's going to show up!  yippee!

Today's picture is of a table runner I made for a friend last year.  I learned the weaving technique called "overshot" on my spring break last year.  I absolutely love this decorative weaving technique, which is quite versatile.  I'm actually considering doing a scarf in a fine silk and alpaca lace one day.  In the meantime I think this table runner was a bit hit.

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