Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Endings

I love a books with happy endings.  Lately that's all I can stand to read.  I don't have the slightest attention span for depressing, dramatic or otherwise unhappiness.  I want to read something that I can believe makes the characters and their world better...and me by default.

I want my spring break to have a happy ending.  It has been such a perfect and wonderful spring break...and going to work tomorrow feels like it's going to be harder than today I will make the end of my spring break happy.  I'm not sure how I'm going to do that, but I will.

A tiny little update on things that have been going on since we left the beach.  Came home on Wednesday to some rather dramatic weather.  It stormed and rained and poured and thundered.  The tornado sirens went off three times in the afternoon/evening.  All were safe and sound if not a little damp and ruffled after the whole ordeal.

Thursday Mom and Dad came for their visit which was just about perfect.  We sat around and talked.  David and Daddy did some gardening.  Mom and me and the girls did some quilting.  Yummy food was eaten, and we all seemed to truly enjoy ourselves.  And now Mom and Dad are almost home...and I'm winding down to get to work tomorrow...but in the meantime I think I'm going to knit on that sweater that I forgot to take the pattern to the beach.  It's coming along very nicely and I love the yarn.  So soft and slippery and sparkly.  I can't wait to slip it on! (and as another part of the happy ending I'm making it a size smaller than I originally intended because I completely intend to be able to wear it by the time it's finished!)

Today's picture is of a hat I knitted last summer.  It's made from Noro yarn and I love how the self striping becomes self-circling in this hat.  I love Noro yarns.  I could spend my life knitting nothing but that if I lived in a colder climate.  As it is, the wool gets to me.

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