Saturday, April 7, 2012


Yesterday I revelled:

  • In being off of work 
  • In weaving
  • In loving my kitty cats
  • In knitting my new sweater
  • In starting my new book.
I do love the perks of working in an academic institution.  I still have to learn to let things move at the pace they're intended and not the pace I know they can (a very very big challenge for me)...but on days like yesterday I almost think I can take deep breaths and move on.

Updates:  The weaving is warped and ready to weave. I know how I'm going to weave this project--I'm continuing with the theme of randomness and really hope I have banana pudding when I'm done.  

I made HUGE progress on my sweater.  The back is close to being finished.  I'll definitely get that done today (unless I find something else to distract me).  I find it odd how sweater knitting is really so much more knitting than a scarf, but it doesn't feel as cumbersome or miserable.  Maybe because there are fewer rows?  At any rate, I'm thoroughly enjoying knitting this sweater and am ready to get going on my next one.

I even thought about how I want to do my next weaving project and already have it all mapped out in my head.  I love it when I get like this because I'm supermotivated to get that project off of the loom so I can start the next one!

I have light like this in my studio today.  It makes everything more beautiful and weaving so much more pleasant.  I can't wait to get started!

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