Friday, April 20, 2012


When I was a little girl we had chickens at the farm.  They came with the house and didn't like the coop, so roamed all over.  They mostly ended up getting eaten by the coyote who would come for breakfast everyday, but I did enjoy playing with them.  I remember picking up the eggs and even hatching some from time to time.  That was always amazing to me.

I had one particular rooster who was my buddy.  He and I played together and had a great time until the younger rooster came along.  He was jealous and ended up attacking me one day.  I had to get shots, and I didn't like playing with the rooster any more.  We ended up eating that young rooster.  I got the legs and found them to be the most delicious legs I've ever eaten.

I bring up chickens, because I feel like that young rooster right now...I'm running around like "a chicken with its head cut off."  I hope I don't end up in a frying pan...not sure my legs would be all that tasty to be honest.

Things have been nuts, but not in a bad way.  I had the opportunity to travel to one of our satellite campuses earlier this week. But work has been a little nuts lately...and I'm really really ready for the weekend.

I'm hoping that I get as much weaving and knitting done this weekend as I did last.  I finished three projects, which was awesome.  I have about 5 more to go for the quilting bee, so I think I can make it...I'd be happy finishing one project this weekend.

What's most frustrating right now has been that I haven't had the time to do everything I want. I desperately want to sit and knit and weave and just hang out and enjoy the talent that I have for creating things.  But there's no time and energy and that's frustrating.  I'll try to be patient.  Summer is coming and we have 3 day weekends for 8 weeks.  That should give me SOME time to get things accomplished.

Today's picture is of the bobbin winder that I use for weaving.  Each bobbin goes in a "boat shuttle" that get passed back and forth between the warp thread to create the woven cloth.  Winding bobbins is David's favorite part of weaving.

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