Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Idle Hands

Yesterday was a trying day.  I had some issues at work that were quite difficult.  All day long I just wanted to leave and go home and play with my yarn.  It was what was motivating me to keep going...

...and what motivated me to get through the drive home (which I hate if you haven't figured that out by now).

...and what I talked about when I walked in the door.

Until I saw David put some envelopes on the counter and out of my mouth blurted, "You can take those to the PO when I finish doing the bills."

Yep, I had to do the bills last night. I hadn't even thought about it all day long. And I'd skipped doing as much of them as I could last week, so I had a LOT of stuff to go through it being the end of the month and all.

The yarn was calling, those wonderful banana splits I'm working on, and the sweater that NEEDS to get finished because I so desperately want to wear it.  I was even considering starting a new project last night just for kicks.  Or working on the easy blanket so I can start getting myself used to knitting while holding the yarn in my left hand.  It goes SO much faster.

But the bills were my responsibility and I had to get it done, so after eating a responsible dinner of tuna and black beans (which was actually pretty tasty), I got busy on those cursed bills, finished them and sat on the couch and read.

I'd lost my big desire to knit after being denied my ability to just play like I wanted, and I really didn't have the time at that point to weave.

Tonight, though, I won't have idle hands, I swear it.

Today's picture is of the lunch time afghan after I finished the first ball of yarn.  It only took 3.5 months, but I got several "squares" out of it.  I'm working on a lovely blue, purple and green (all royals) right now.

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