Wednesday, August 5, 2015

That place where you go

...when you go somewhere new.

I don't really know how to describe the place that I've gone.

It's so very different than any place I've been before.  It's comfortable and affirming and wonderful.

It's amazing and creative.

It's a place that now that I'm there I never want to leave.

It's a place that has provided a foundation for growth and astounding creativity.

It's a place where patience exists.

It's a place where I'm incredibly happy.  More happy than I knew possible and definitely happier than I've ever been before.

(and you know what's even better???)

I'm here in this amazing place with an amazing person by my side.

A person who has shown me that slowing down is a good thing, and that laughing and playing and being silly are part of life.  A person who has made me feel cherished and special and so very happy to be in the place where I am because I was able to find him.

A person who has taught me what patience really is and what beautiful things can come when that patience is nurtured.

A person who has helped me to understand that being in the moment is a gift. That sometimes all one needs is to be in the moment.

And that, my dear friends, is the place where I've gone.  And where I hope to be for a long time :)


  1. Wow. Almost fairy tale like! In the best of ways! Hooray