Monday, August 24, 2015

It's been almost a year and this place is home

I moved into my apartment on August 25th last year.  Arriving in Reno at the tail end of the day on the after what felt like hell driving from Las isn't that long of a drive but it felt like it took the life out of me.

Anyway, I got here on the 25th last year, moved my few possessions into the apartment, did a little shopping for the necessities and crashed on my air mattress.

Then the next day I got all my boxes that had been shipped to JBW and after rolling them up the stairs by myself began the arduous task of unpacking and settling in by myself.

I spent so much time by myself this past year.  I went to work and I came home and I knitted and I wove and I watched TV and I played with the cats and I learned a good deal about who I am and what I like and got the confidence that had been sucked out of me from years in a bad relationship.

I learned that I can and do expect certain things from people...and myself of course.

I learned that I can be very happy by myself.

I learned that I can cook decent food.

I learned that I can drive in big cities without getting nervous.

I learned that I can face my fears and gobble them up and find something on the other side that looks like gorgeousness and happiness and wondrousness.

I learned, and this is a biggie, that I can love again.  That I can make myself vulnerable and precious to another person and trust that they won't hurt me.

And...I've learned that Reno is home.  We went to San Francisco this weekend (pics tomorrow, I promise) and had the best time.  But driving into the outskirts of the city, I knew I was home and it felt only took me a year. quick photo of the trip.  The Golden Gate Bridge while driving over it.

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  1. You've had such an amazing year. I'm so glad you're home and happy. Well deserved.

    *Fantastic photo!