Monday, August 31, 2015

Settling in

Things really went wonky in my world after I got back from my big trip (the one to Europe...remember?). I  decided to start dating and darn if that didn't take off in a way I'd never expected.

I'm not complaining...not at all...I'm incredibly happy...I just figured there would be lots of practice along the way before I decided to stick with one person and figure the rest out.

It's good.  And I think we're settling into a routine and pattern of things.  Which I like because I've really missed knitting.

And I haven't been knitting because I've been unsettled.  (again not bad, just not settled).  I've felt antsy and when I do have time I haven't had the focus or ability to "settle" on one project... a result I've started about 15 projects in the past 2 months, finished none, and made precious little progress on those that I did start.  I've run out of knitting needles, tips and cords, and have decided that I'm not buying more because I've let things get out of hand...

So I decided today after I woke up (slept late, it was wonderful) that I was going to finish some things.

First up on the finishing agenda is the Knit Night Shawl I started last week, or the week before, or whenever that was. It's so lovely and the yarn is so pretty (beautifully dyed...just gorgeous)...and there's promise of some nip in the air and it would be wonderful to wear a new shawl to work in a week or so.

Can you believe it's almost September already?  September, for me, is going to be dedicated to settling in.

My picture today is of a lovely sunset a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't one of the brilliant ones where the sky turns neon and the clouds burst with glory. It was just a gentle turning of color, ombre if you will.  The magpies and I settled in to view it and it was wondrous.  Tonight promises to be the same.

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  1. That's a lovely photo! I'm glad you're settling in. I think it's neat how your project focus is sort of mirroring that. I am trying REALLY hard to not cast anything else on and chip away what's on the needles now to finish some things up. It feels like, I have so many notions and needles tied up in progress ... I can't use or find things!