Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So much...

There is so much in my life right now...so much happiness and gladness and contentment.  So much wonder and satisfaction.  So much pride and confidence.  Just so much.

And traveling to a new city with my new "getting out there friend" (we'll go ahead and call him Bill)...well that, too, was so much fun!

We drove to San Francisco on Saturday after I got off work, stopping for a few hands of Apples to Apples with Bill's friends and then drove into SF that night.

The next day we went to the Exploratorium where we built a cool Rue Goldberg marble track:

And then ate at Bubba Gump:

And then we met Ellen!

And let me just pause here and say that this was so cool.  Ellen and I have been following each other's blogs for years.  We know so much about each other and have never met...so it was was SO COOL to meet up with someone who I knew but didn't know.  It was like really old-time friends getting together.  Instant fun and conversation...and yeah, we had a few drinks too and bought some chocolate.

And she and Bill even had lots to talk about seeing that they work in the same industry.  Awesome day.

On Monday we slept late...heavenly...and then went to Golden Gate Park where I got us totally lost but we finally found the Botanical Gardens and saw some really cool plants:

And finally...the whole main reason I wanted to go to SF...to see the Golden Gate Bridge in all its glory.  How amazing!


So, dear friends...my life is so much right now.  So much of so many wonderful and amazing things that it leaves me in wonder and deeply satisfied.  

Life is very very good.

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  1. Im so very jealous that you met ELLEN. She's one of my pretend friends that I am going to MEET someday!!! and yoU!!!! wouldn't that be fun?
    Happy for you